Future plans, long term goals, things to do and things to learn/research to make it all possible.
  1. Best entry level jobs
  2. Should I go to college?
  3. What future career is the best fit for an INTP?
  4. INTP military wives/ INTPs in Utah
  5. Jobs hiring in Utah
  6. Best companies/establishments to work for in Utah
  7. Resume tips and tricks
  8. Job search: hints, tips, ideas, etc.
  9. Job interview tips and tricks
  10. Best jobs that do not require a degree
  11. My future education and/or career plan
  12. Best websites and apps for job hunting
  13. Websites and apps to help me make a future plan, help reach my goals
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  15. Resume example 1 part 2
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  17. Resume example 2 part 2