Random things I've collected through the last two years (and I couldn't live without now)
  1. My Hearthstone screen cleaner
  2. My skullcandy earbuds
  3. My boomphones
  4. This doggy thing I use for resting my phone and watch videos
  5. My javelina plushie ❤️
  6. My Ralph Lauren rainboots
  7. My Diablo 3 backpack
  8. These gray shoes from a brand called White mt. I love them 😍
  9. This heart-shaped cookie can I use for storing things now
  10. My gaming laptop. An asus g750
  11. My razer naga
  12. This angry birds pencil case
  13. My Predator and Gizmo climbers (the second one was a gift from my lovely friend Marcia)
  14. My Guinea pig cage (I don't consider my pigs "things", so they're not included)