1. Rubber bands snapping
    Used to have a boss who'd shoot rubber bands into my office just to watch me scream
  2. Balloons popping
    I will only ever blow up a balloon 3/4 of the way because I don't want it to explode in my face
  3. Insects that jump or move faster than me
    I can't kill things that move faster than me and insects carry diseases, probably, maybe
  4. Water on my face
    You can drown in an inch of water! Or inhaling while washing your face, possibly. I don't know for sure so I always hold my breath.
  5. Appendicitis
    This is not irrational, this is legit and terrifying
  6. Overpasses collapsing while I'm stopped at a light.
    Also not irrational, they bounce like I'm at the club (I've never been to a club)
  7. Leaving Crock Pot on overnight
    During the day is fine, all bad things happen between 10pm and 5am
  8. Ghosts
    I don't believe in them but I'm open to the possibility that they exist?
  9. Matches/lighters igniting spontaneously
    Thanks to Hay for reminding me. I'll never carry them on my person for fear of catching on fire because of like friction and stuff.