1. Pusscycat dolls
    Don't cha is okay, beep is lol. Try buttons
  2. Dexys midnight runner Come on Eileen
  3. All abba Thank you for the music - DOPE
  4. Baby Justin Bieber
  5. Talking heads
  6. Japas karaoke all u can drink sake
  7. Take me or leave me rent -TOO HARD
  8. Valerie Amy wine house
  9. 500 miles
  10. A thousand miles vanessa
  11. Torn
  12. I want it that way
  13. Justin timber lake
  14. Tom petty- last dance with Mary Jane
  15. The reason - hoobastank
  16. All star - smash mouth
  17. Uptown girl
    Need to try it
  18. All these things that ive done
  19. Don't stop me now
    Maybe too fast?
  20. Reflection
    Sad gal karaoke
  21. Well irs true that we love one another - white stripes
    Try with Arielle
  22. Folsom prison blues
  23. Everywhere
    Michelle branch
  24. Dirty little secret all american rejects
  25. Kiss me sixpence none the richer
  26. Blee
  27. Breakaway Kelly Clarkson
  28. Closing time
  29. Sweet child of mine
  30. Heartless kanye - crushed it
  31. Aaron carter come get I t
    Awesome but v fast need someone to do backup vocals
  32. Total eclipse of the heart