figured I should do a while this was fresh on my mind.
  1. The drive between Whitehorse, YT and Fort Nelson, BC is almost the most fun you can have in a moving car
  2. The drive from Hinton, AB to Valemount, BC (through the Jasper National Park) is breathtakingly gorgeous
  3. Although the Canadian Rockies are impressive, Mt. Robson up close just looks like am unimpressive oversized rock.
  4. What speed limits? Drive it like you stole it and it's on fire and nothing but the wind from your speed will put it out.
  5. Put the car in neutral coming down the mountains and then hold on. You're welcome!
  6. Canadians really are the nicest people even when driving. Americans are still assholes when driving. Present company included.
  7. Traffic in Seattle is a nightmare! But the drive through Canadia kinda makes it almost close to possibly being marginally worth it.
  8. Oh! Kamloops, The Tournament Capital of Canada used to be the Hanging Capital of Canada. Not sure why they Changed it. (Insert innocent face here)