sometimes, you're bored out of your mind. sometimes, those other times, living alone is amazeballs!
  1. Watch whatever you want.
    No judgement, no competition.
  2. No one talks during the movie.
    Or complains if you fall asleep watching either.
  3. Pants. Completely optional.
    Naked cooking, naked and sleeping and, best of all, naked nakeding. Oh yeah, it's a thing.
  4. Consistency.
    Things are where you left them until you move them. Well, until you forget that you moved it and go nuts wondering who is moving your stuff while you sleep. Then you curse responsibility and head back to your old ways.
  5. Food.
    Sometimes, you cook. Sometimes, you get delivery. Sometimes, you do both. No regerts. (Yes, regerts)
  6. Cleaning.
    Get a maid. Worth every penny.
  7. Single behaviour
    Eating peanut butter, from the jar, with your fingers or a spoon, while dancing and singing to the Music Choice hits of the 90s. Try it. Then judge. Then do it again in the privacy of your own home.