1. Grocery Store Clerk- because somebody's got to run the store when a natural disaster is near, and you're going to be real pissed when you sell the last gallon of water.
  2. Sandwich Artist- because those gloves are thin and some Subways still keep their chicken breast in boiling hot water.
  3. Dog Walker- because I'm just assuming all dog walkers run up a thousand stairs to feel confident like Toni Collete in "In Her Shoes"
  4. Employee at 24 hour business- obvious.
  5. Optometrist - because getting that close to someone's eye is disgusting. And for some reason you have to measure the pressure of eyes (?!) and stabbing an eye with that blue wand is terrifying.
  6. Photographer- because people are all like "Wow!! That model looks great." When you just wish they said, "Wow what a beautiful photograph!"
  7. Gas Station Clerk- idk why but they're always SO MEAN SO IT MUST BE TERRIBLE