1. I remember I didn't bring the dogs bedtime biscuits up
  2. So I get up
  3. I can't remember if I locked the back door (I did)
  4. So I get up
  5. The boy needs another drink
  6. So I get up
  7. I need another drink
  8. So I get up
  9. I need a wee
  10. So I get up
  11. I remember my phone charger is downstairs
  12. So I get up
  13. I wonder if anything terrible will happen when I'm sleeping
  14. I worry about something that happened years ago and wonder what I could have done differently
  15. I wonder what so and so is doing now. Are they happy?
  16. I need a drink
  17. So I get up
  18. I need a wee
  19. I get up one last time
  20. Then wonder if I need another drink
  21. Close my eyes
  22. Fall asleep five minutes before the alarm goes off.