Through my very reliable online research of pictures featuring sleeping corgis, I surmise that they often sleep in adorable positions. My corgi is no different. This list highlights some of her cute snoozes (and I guess also proves I might have a little fascination with photographing her).
  1. The 'Thank You for Inflating this Mattress for Guests...and Me'
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  2. The 'Aren't You Packing Me, Too?'
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  3. The 'I'm All Tucked In'
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  4. The 'Sorry My Butt is on Daddy's Pillow'
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  5. The 'So Glad That You Put This Comforter Here To Wash'
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  6. The 'Classic Sausage Dog'
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  7. The 'Sausage Dog with Squeaky Friend 1'
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  8. The 'Sausage Dog with a Squeaky Friend 2'
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  9. The 'Sunny Day'
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  10. The 'Belly Stumps Up 1'
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  11. The 'Belly Stumps Up 2'
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  12. The 'Belly Stumps Up 3'
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  13. The 'Belly Stumps Up 4'
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  14. The 'A Taste of Slumber'
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  15. The 'Is it Me, or Are We Getting Too Big For This'?
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  16. The 'Snuggle with My Boy'
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  17. The 'Oops, I Missed the Beds Again'
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  18. And my favorite...The 'Is This Really Comfortable?'
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