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  1. Grace came!
  2. It was the best.
  3. I slept happy.
  1. I worked 300+ hours the last 5 weeks
  2. I accomplished a full systems upgrade
  3. I am lying in my bed as cdlebration
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  1. Because you can collab on playlist.
  2. Example: Follow Morace for an eclectic music experience that will bless you ears
  1. Messy
  2. Uneventful
  3. Shameful
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  1. She does the hand under chin thing when flattered.
  2. She feels 1 margarita at noon.
  3. She always looks like a flight attendent
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  1. People take a picture of something then in the caption tell me what's happening
  1. Take a sassy R&B song and state the objective of the song
  2. Then in the listing portion identify all things you need to get to the objective that also happen to be key lines within the hook of a song
  3. Pat yourself on the back for a job well original...
  1. Attend local waffle house
  2. Befriend staff
  3. Try sweet tea. Instant diabetes.
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  1. Flight attendant: When I board the plane don't look at me and say,"Oh, are we boarding now?"
  2. Pilot: Dont mosey up and down the jet bridge with a coffee and look lost...
  3. Flight Attendent: don't put ice in OJ. When has this ever been acceptable?