My best friend had twins in June. I watch them 3 or so days most weeks and am the godmother of the little girl, Emmy. Today, I watched them for 10 hours straight
  1. Here's what we did:
  2. Practiced sitting up
    Both babies tumbled over and into each other exactly twice
  3. Watched Sheriff Callie's Wild West
    This show is a big thumbs up for me. A female protagonist that also happens to be a kitten and a sheriff??? Cool
  4. Had a bottle
    This happened about 20 times today
  5. Watched Octonauts
    Wow another great show
  6. Bounced in bouncing things
    A blast
  7. Pooped in the high chair
    I fed her in just her diaper and thought it was cute to be covered in baby food before her bath. Until that diaper exploded all over the high chair and consequently on my hands
  8. Washed a million bottles
    This is something else I do regularly and sort of love it because we have one of these:
  9. Took some naps
  10. Laughed a lot
  11. Decided I might not be cut out for motherhood
    As proven by this zoomed in candid photo
  12. Decided motherhood might be the best thing ever
  13. And now am extremely excited for the summer when these perfect little creatures learn how to walk and talk and swim in my pool