1. Today I was just living my life
  2. It's 8:20 again and I need to get out of bed
  3. To be at work at 9:30
  4. I wait it out till 8:45
  5. Rush (not really) through a beautifully warm and comfy shower
  6. I get so crazy as to shave my legs
  7. And then it's 9:07
  8. Keep in mind---- ARRIVE AT WORK at 9:30
  9. I half ass blow dry my hair
  10. Put way too much make up on
  11. Grab my "morning boost" tea
  12. And a diet Dr. Pepper for the road
  13. And arrive promptly at 9:45
  14. Late is my least favorite thing to be
  15. But at least I made it
  16. Except I'm too tired to chase around an excited two year old
  17. I mean I'm walking like an elderly depleted Sim
  18. But I'm 22?
  19. And I slept 6.5 hours
  20. I don't need to drink my coffee at 7, do I?
  21. Since when do I need to have caffeine 2 hours before social interaction
  22. When did I become....
  23. My mother???????