Inspired by @georgiez forgetting to mention that we are real life best friends since 2008
  1. More than anything I want a bf
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  2. A family pic from a few years ago
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    We left ourselves in 2015
  3. This picture that represents forever our disappointment in the freedom of George Zimmerman
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  4. A casual selfie
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  5. @georgiez on a bike
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  6. My mom on a bike
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  7. I was checking for boogers here
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  8. And here
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  9. Also this pic
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  10. My great grandparents that may or may not have been gangsters
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  11. More things we left in 2015
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  12. Future goals
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  13. Another nod to @georgiez
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  14. The cat from heaven
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  15. This list wasn't really about me at all but I feel fine
  16. Thanks everyone