1. This is my first day leaving my house since The Jonas Brothers snow storm
  2. I went from my house on a wild icy ride to
  3. The house where I work
  4. And am now watching 101 Dalmatians on their couch instead of my bed
  5. Kids are so quiet with their blankets and a Disney classic
  6. Here's the selfie I sent to my mom
  7. The one I sent to my boyfriend
  8. The one I sent to my best friend
  9. The one I sent to my auntie
  10. And the one I took for ListApp
  11. My sister left the house today finally
  12. After making her fiancé drive 2 hours in ice to get here
  13. So cheers to you Cait @thatgirl_cait
  14. Enjoy the storm ❤️❤️
  15. /plz go back inside we don't need to be going back to work yet