1. 6 years ago today the earth shook in Haiti
  2. In Petionville, just outside of the capital city of Port Au Prince, my friend Renee was living on the mountainside at Wings of Hope
  3. Wings is one of three homes in Haiti that make up the St. Joseph's family.
  4. Renee is one of the many incredible, inspiring people that helps the St. Joseph's family run smoothly
  5. They have three homes and a school
  6. But the homes are much more than physical
  7. St. Joseph's is a family
  8. A family of purposeful growth
  9. A family of orphans- that found a home
  10. A family of faith and future
  11. A family with Haitian pride
  12. A family that is indomitable
  13. Renee describes the day of the earthquake in great detail
  14. She was in the Wings home, surrounded by the 20+ special needs orphans that live in that home
  15. And the nurses and caregivers that work tirelessly to provide the care they need to survive
  16. Renee felt the ground shake
  17. She saw and heard buildings collapsing around her
  18. It was total chaos
  19. She looked out onto the breathlessly beautiful Haitian countryside
  20. and with a swirl of peace and desperation, knew she had come to the end of her life
  21. But she was wrong
  22. By God's grace, no children of the St. Joseph's family were lost
  23. Though much was destroyed
  24. But a home is much more than a building
  25. It's a feeling
  26. It's a family
  27. Now, 6 long and difficult years later
  28. The Wings of Hope home has been relocated and rebuilt
  29. It's now handicapped accessible
  30. And the memories being made are already beautiful
  31. Please think about learning more about this family
  32. And making donations as you are able
  33. And remember all of the lives and homes lost on this day in 2010