Inspired by @meg1
  1. Isolation 110
    A class in which each student passive aggressively denies every other student's lunch date request. Required Materials: iPhone glued to sweaty palm
  2. Dating Arts 220
    A class in which women learn how to achieve free dinners. Prerequisites: Tinder Technology 100
  3. Bra-less Fridays 310
    Prerequisites: Every Day is Pajama Day 120. Required reading: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
  4. Oral Communication 100
    Details TBA
  5. Things You Don't Need From Target 111
    Lab Fee: $353.63
  6. Renter's Law 220
    Prerequisites: Tinder Technology 100. A class in which you move in with your lab partner from Tinder Technology 100 and sign a 15 month lease like a dumbass. For course completion you must hire an attorney to make sure your lab partner and his new wife don't screw your credit score and put you thousands of dollars in debt