A disgusting but true story
  1. I'm sick with a head cold
  2. I've been living off of tea, sinus meds, my inhaler and my beloved nyquil
  3. You know what NyQuil do to me
  4. So last night it's hot as hell in the house
  5. Like UGH so hot
  6. But I have a cold so I can't appropriately judge temps right now
  7. I mean that I showered and got burned because I had no idea how hot it was
  8. So I'm shivering and I cover myself with every blanket I own
  9. The HEAT
  10. I wake up at 2:45 am
  11. My bed is drenched
  12. Did I pee?
  13. Am I sweating?
  14. It's NyQuil, ya know?
  15. So I ask my sister to please smell my sheets
  16. Because I can't smell anything
  17. And she says
  18. "Fine. But if they smell like R. Kelley's sheets..."
  19. Side note: I didn't pee, don't worry fam