1. I'm seeing this movie with my dad right now
  2. We don't hang out a lot so it's kind of a dad-date
  3. But I'm feeling old
  4. Because there is like 20 teens in here
  5. And I just called them
  6. "Teeny-boppers"
  7. And sat in the back row
  8. To keep them
  9. "In line"
  10. Like a grandmother or something
  11. And honestly
  12. I was a little scared
  13. That they might
  14. Throw popcorn
  15. At me
  16. Look I was a mean kid
  17. And I know all about karma by now
  18. I threw popcorn ok
  19. I'm not proud of it
  20. I'm living with that sin now
  21. Having to sit on the back row
  22. With my bifocals
  23. And the M&ms that I snuck in
  24. Being totally uncool in every way
  25. "What a drag
  26. That woman was"
  27. Do kids even say drag anymore?
  28. Why am I still scared of 15 year old boys
  29. Old habits die hard
  30. Krampus