1. I have a job watching twins
  2. They are perfect
  3. Nearly 7 months old and pure perfection
  4. The best part about this job is that their mom is one of my best friends
  5. She's a mature, steadfast presence in my life of flighty relationships
  6. She understands me better than anyone really
  7. And working for her is a double blessing
  8. Because I love these babes anyways
  9. But also in my spare time I work for another family
  10. A family that I've worked for for almost 2 years
    A long time in nanny years
  11. And I watch these other children on Monday and Wednesday
  12. But now I've discovered a third family
  13. And I thought they were really quite odd
  14. In fact I have a list in my drafts that's called "Anglo Saxon Babysitting"
    And it describes the series of really freaky events that happened on my first day with this family
  15. But I won't publish it anymore
  16. Because now they've offered me a job! 16 hours a week
    Where will these 16 hours come from? I don't really have them in my schedule but I could...
  17. And these kids are really kind of awesome
  18. And just the way they get so excited to see me
  19. Reminds me of why I love watching childewn
  20. And why I plan on nannying after college while I'm writing my books
  21. But
  22. Of course
  23. There's the money
  24. You know how I love Shonda?
  25. Well I've been rereading Year of Yes
  26. And I can't stop thinking about the joys of financial freedom
  27. So suddenly I have three jobs and a full school schedule
  28. And start looking for apartments downtown
  29. And the idea makes me cry
  30. Because I'm excited to make it in this world and be able to not think so much and just dwell in this apartment
  31. I've had several years of yes in the 20teens
  32. But 2016 is no doubt going to be another
  33. Here's to financial freedom
  34. And new families