Narrowing this down was the hardest thing I've done in 2015
  1. Boggs
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    Best friend and lover, Boggs is a friend for life. He's gonna fight your battles and you'll fight his. You'll never give up on each other and will definitely have children together someday.
  2. Haymitch
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    The sarcastic bestie from high school that you can watch tv with for hours without any pressure of conversation. Bonus points: he's a certified bad ass.
  3. Rue
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    She's your little sister. You fight the boy that breaks her heart.
  4. Plutarch Heavensbee
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    The advice he gives you is the guiding voice in your life. You aren't afraid of anything because he instills in you a confidence that cannot be shaken and redeems your hope for humanity.
  5. Cressida
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    Fearless. Ruthless. Tough as nails. Cressida is the brave older sister you always wanted
  6. Pollux
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    The guy that sat alone in the cafeteria and when you went up to him to see what he was all about, you fell completely in love with him and never wanted to leave his side. The bestie that you take as your wedding date and call him your "work husband"
  7. Finnick Odair
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    You tell all of your girlfriends that you guys connect on a serious brother-sister level but you have a ridiculous crush on him. He never tries to embarrass you about it because he loves you too, like a little sister
  8. Cinna
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    He's got hella style and always has your back. He lets you know right away when people start talking shit about you and roasts them to their face. He can also sing.
  9. Commander Paylor
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    You met in college when you were experimenting with your sexuality. She's the best sex you ever had. And you've been best friends from that moment forward.
  10. Honorable mention: President Snow
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    You thought you could trust him. He is undeniably evil but charming. Your friendship was always high maintenance and he never let you forget about all the times he had your back. You disagree fundamentally on everything but still send each other birthday cards.