Some memorable quotes
  1. "Who the hell is Liam Neeson's character?"
  2. "Do they land in Jurassic Park?"
  3. "Is that where they meet Java the Hutt?"
  4. "It's the outer banks"
  5. "So Padme is in disguise"
  6. "Is this where the cantina is?"
  7. "Is that cute little kid gonna end up being Darth Vader?"
  8. "She's talking into a razor. Jesus"
  9. "Lawd"
  10. "Ohhhh Lawd"
  11. "He's like Moses"
  12. "He's high test"
  13. "Does Liam Neeson know who she is?"
  14. "Lawd look at the crowds. Like NASCAR"
  15. (After sleeping through the rest) "so did they go ahead and pick up the little guy and take him with them?"