(She slept through episode 2)
  1. "I want people at the office to call me Master"
  2. "Yoda has bad grammar"
  3. "General Volvulus"
  4. "R2 is sneaky and handy"
  5. "R2 would've been handy in Oceans 11"
  6. "How does a droid get tuberculosis"
  7. "I want a droid"
  8. "It's all just a bunch of droids and light sabers to me"
  9. "It figures they'd be fighting to save the bad guy"
  10. "They are basically a meteorite"
  11. "Laaaaawwwd"
  12. "That's a lot of damage to the airport" -dad
  13. "R2 can make himself a ramp"
  14. "I know she's not brushing her hair with one of those things your scrub your feet with"
  15. "Is she gonna die? Shit she's gonna die having those babies"
  16. "Po po Padme"
  17. "Chancellor Papatees?"
  18. "Obi wan looks goooood"
  19. "Lawd"
  20. "Poor Anakin getting darker and darker"
  21. "Who is the sith"
  22. "This is politics in America"
  23. "Shanghai"
  24. "I think he's wearing lipstick"
  25. "He is the devil ain't he"
  26. "Look at Yoda's little seat"
  27. "Yoda skyped into the meeting"
  28. "I really wanna be a Jedi master. How do I become one?"
  29. "You don't have to pick on me, Ellen"
  30. "I thought that was bunch of chewbaccas. A whole herd of em"
  31. "Is he related to Ba-ba Fett"
  32. "He's got his gameboy" -dad
  33. "Oh brother"
  34. "Lawd Lawd that's the 7 deadly sins"
  35. "He's a piece of shit Darth Vader"
  36. "That's some of the worst dental work I've ever seen" -dad
  37. "Are the storm troopers bad?"
  38. "I could've gone my whole life without seeing that"
  39. "This ain't nothing Goethes Faust"
  40. "I want to watch the one with Harrison Ford"