1. On the scale of Extroverts I'm a ridiculously high E
  2. Yeah I know, it's not very trendy right now to be an E at all
  3. But that's who I am and who I've always been
  4. Because of this, I need mountains of social interaction just to eventually have enough energy to meet my goals
  5. Like this one:
  6. Or this one:
  7. Or perhaps this one:
  8. And so I sent out all of my remaining free time in a prompt organized email to my new part time employer
  9. The trouble with prompt people is how easy it seems to be for us to find each other
  10. She emailed me back immediately
  11. Before I could blink or change my mind or even think about what I've done
  12. And she took my every hour of weekday free time for the rest of the month
  13. Holy cow wow wow wow wow
  14. Suddenly I can't breathe and I'm stretching to schedule sleep or time with people I love
  15. But I feel in my heart that this season of my life it's important for me to work
  16. And to be alone sometimes
  17. And to be afraid of my future and it's inevitable brightness
  18. So I'm not looking forward to a solid month of being slammed with work
  19. A work that honestly requires excitement for it to be done well
  20. And I don't look forward to having to turn people away when they ask if I can do something in the afternoon
  21. But I'm an E, so being overbooked isn't the end of the world
  22. It's just the beginning