My current beta fish are Walter White, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.. But nothing is forever
  1. Twilight Sparkle
    Or Brony
  2. Kim Davis
  3. George W.
    Honestly I'll probably save this for a shelter puppy.
  4. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw
  5. April Ludgate
  6. McGriddle
    And maybe McMuffin
  7. Deuterman Attorney at Law
  8. Carol
    From The Walking Dead
  9. Titus Andromedon
    Love you Tina
  10. Yeezus
  11. Dr. Pepper
    i thought of this name only after naming my own betta fish bo. i didn't want to confuse his small fish brain by changing it
    Suggested by @bisexual
  12. Claudius
    I had a red beta called Claudius a few years ago and a dark blue one called Nero. They were beautiful. ❤️💙
    Suggested by @jpbateson
  13. Vanessa Hudgins?