1. I'm a nanny so I act low key like the coolest most swaggy person in the room
  2. Ask any elementary aged child that has ever interacted me and they will tell you I'm the most uncool nanny of all time
  3. But toddlers are my sweet spot
  4. I dance and sing and have applesauce in my purse
  5. Grandmoms at mommy and me = most uncool
  6. They try to make friends with all the young moms
  7. Here are some real world quotes:
  8. "Anna?? You are Anna right? How cute is little Sophia! HEY SOPHIA"
    Sophia cowers in shame
  9. "Where did you get those little fur booties?"
    Uggs, grandmom, they are uggs
  10. "I watch Kylie at least 2 days a week and it really keeps me active"
    This is kind of cute
  11. "Ellen, would you be able to babysit Kylie some time? I always tell Rachel how great you are with kiddos"
    Yes grandmom, my middle name is Cash-Money and I'd love to watch Kylie
  12. "Could you keep an eye on Kylie while I browse the big kid books??" *winks*
    Grandmom disappears for 7 hours
  13. "I could punch her little cheeks"
    Yes this woman said PUNCH
  14. "Will I see you tomorrow at Story Time?? Clara??? Clara!! Tomorrow? Want to meet in the parking lot and walk in together?"
  15. As we age, we revert so far until we become 7th grade girls again