1. My grandma passed away on October 26 of last year and it sucked
  2. Because I couldn't stop thinking about everything I hadn't done for/with her
  3. And I realize that's sucks and that's a dangerous door to open because it truly leads to a broken heart
  4. And other parts of 2015 weren't exactly a walk in the park
  5. And I hadn't really had a day off to just breathe
  6. Until I demanded a weekend and a best friend and the BEACH
  7. So we went and I feel renewed and relaxed and reset
  8. Here's some pics:
  9. A selfie
  10. A drunk selfie
  11. Coffee
  12. Some poop pillows
  13. On the beach in my jams
  14. General adorableness between friends since age 11
  15. My sand-boots which are fire
  16. An emoji pillow that has my eyes
  17. This bird and his friends
  18. A t-Rex feat Jordan
  19. Dino and me
  20. Mimosas
  21. My car, Dolly, became an old ass lady
  22. Happy birthday Dolly
  23. The sun rose
  24. Ocean breeze napping
  25. More cuteness
    I love you @theMrs! Thanks for a lovely weekend retreat
  26. My heart is full