Me and @thatgirl_cait fight and make up and laugh and break up and do yoga every night before bed and act passive aggressive and share conditioner and sports bras and everything
  1. My sister is going through a phase of appreciation for the good things she has in life
  2. Somehow, this includes me!!
  3. I came up to my room tonight and found an adorably wrapped gift sitting on my bed
  4. Inside that gift were these things that I love:
  5. A sweet I love and thank you note
  6. A bag of Valentine's themed kit kats
  7. A box of gushers because duh
  8. A mindfulness coloring book
  9. A pink peony candle
  10. And to top it off, she just discovered the body of the late betta fish Monica Lewinsky
  11. And is performing her ritual betta funeral services
  12. We lost 2 precious grandparents in 2015 and so we take life and death seriously right now
  13. I'm so blessed to have her