The show has tugged on every string of my heart. It's been so relatable and so hard to understand and so creative but realistic. Please, if you insist on wasting your precious time watching Netflix, dedicate 50 hours to this heartbreaker
  1. Season 1
    Wait she's a drug addict? Dammit I now know how it feels to love an addict. Children are a bad idea sometimes. Oh shiiiiiiiit she's a player too. Eleanor O'Hara gets me.
  2. Season 2
    A lot more drama involving the drugs, the men, and the children
  3. Season 3
    Jackie is fucking savage
  4. Season 4
    Maybe I can't really handle this show. The rehab and divorce just wow
  5. Season 5-6
    Didn't even watch these I enjoyed them way too quickly and I have to go back right away and rewatch. In summary, lots of men, lots of drugs, Kevin's a dick and so is Grace? We miss you Eleanor.
  6. Season 7
    THERES MORE RIGHT??? This can't be fucking it. I can't handle this. I should've quit this show weeks ago!!!!
  7. It turns out Jackie's addiction destroys literally everything and everyone
  8. But I respect the hell out of it for being a real example of the struggles of addiction
  9. It's not all shiny and happy
  10. Thanks Jackie I love you