1. I'm a good nanny
  2. I swear I'm a good nanny
  3. I'm overly cautious
  4. I go above and beyond
  5. But sometimes
  6. I FaceTime my friends at work
  7. It's one of those undesirable things
  8. Really not illegal
  9. I wouldn't get fired if my boss knew I was doing it
  10. It would just be this awkward moment of
  11. Why?????
  12. Honestly sometimes when I need a potty break
  13. I hand the phone over to the kid
  14. And say
  15. "Kristi, would you watch her for a minute?"
  16. Virtual childcare
  17. I'm a pioneer
  18. Until
  19. The 2 year old acts like a 2 year old
  20. And clicks the red button
  21. Disconnecting herself from Kristi
  22. It is still in the beta phase
  23. But keep your eyes out for FaceTime nannies
  24. From my bed to yours
  25. Good day