1. The school bus was the only way to get to a field trip location
  2. Santa loved my brother more than me
  3. Jesus was Jewish and therefore hated Christians
    Arguably still true
  4. All grandparents smoked
  5. There was a certain age when you are allowed to curse
  6. Sprite was the only drink kids were allowed to drink
  7. All brothers and sisters shared a bedroom
  8. Slim fast was the weight loss cure for America
    This is a little sad because I packed it in my lunch in 3rd grade
  9. Women couldn't be lawyers, doctors, or government officials
    Hillary 2016
  10. Shaving cream pranks were everything
  11. The Bible was originally in English and that evangelism was the only way to heaven
  12. A ghost named Nora comforted my brother when he cried in the middle of the night
  13. "Titanic" was a documentary
    How did they recover the footage?