1. Being pulled over because a random guy pointed to us from his bike
  2. And the cops were quick to chase us
  3. 6 of them
  4. That's a lot of flashing blue
  5. The guy on the bike was white
  6. My friend Andrew and I are white
  7. My friend K driving the car is not white
  8. K was recovering from alcohol poisoning
    Something we really don't think too much of during freshman year but we definitely fear it more as seniors
  9. So she hadn't had a drop to drink
  10. Andrew and I split a hot corona
    Plz channel your inner college freshman to imagine why we reached this point of desperation
  11. K pulls the car carefully off the road
  12. The officers swarm the car
  13. (It's important to remember that we are innocent apart from the beer)
  14. K is pulled from the car
  15. Andrew and I sit quietly in our seats
  16. Eventually, an officer politely asks us to step outside of the car
  17. It turns out that the guy on the bike pointed to us after someone called the cops claiming to have heard gunshots
  18. Why did we get to stay in the car?
  19. Couldn't we have had the gun too?
  20. When we had proven our innocence we called our parents and they made K leave the phone on speaker
  21. We all three had the same record
  22. Why was she the accused?
  23. White privilege is being asked to step out of the car versus being pulled from it