Honestly she's always been the weird one
  1. I'm trying to eat healthier
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    Why would I do that. Thanksgiving is next week. What am I up to
  2. I've been reading a lot
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    I'm reading Harry Potter, Shonda's Year of Yes, and about 30 articles a week about feminism and politics
  3. I'm feeling anti social
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    Kind of existing in my own headspace right now this is borderline existential crisis and it has nothing to do with my love of family
  4. I'm uneasy about the world right now
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    Everything is falling apart
  5. She thinks I wish my mom had never brought her home from the hospital
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    Because then I could get a ton of stuff at Christmas, right?
  6. I'm actually sick
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    I have been in a NyQuil daze since Monday
  7. She thinks I went to Taco Bell without her
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    And I did. Sorry sis