He is 2.5.
  1. Jackson: "I love this yogurt." Mommy: "you know what I love? You!" Jackson: "you know what I love?" (Mommy was expecting him to say "You!") Jackson: "TayTay (Sitter's daughter) and Yogurt!"
  2. Jackson: "I want to watch minions." Mommy: "ok, we have 2. I don't know where 1 is." Jackson: "maybe it's pooping?"
  3. I'll fight him and mow the yard!
  4. Jackson: "I'm so so sad!" Mommy: "Well I'm so so happy! Do you know why?!" Jackson: "BECAUSE YOU HAVE A JACKSON!"
  5. Mommy, be careful and watch out for foxes, bad guys, and ninjalinos!