Things I'm into this week

Every week is different
  1. Gord Downie and the Hip
    This may be the band I've seen the most times in my life.They shaped my youth. It's sad about Gord and we all are feeling it. Their music is a near-perfect comfort.
  2. Nashville finale
    I never watch conventional TV but will I will follow Connie Britton to the ends of the earth.
  3. @FastCompany
    Every day I thank this publication for making me smarter (in my head because they don't know me).
  4. Salads
    The weather is hot, and my love handles need to go. Until next fall, love handles!
  5. Shopping in a store
    Shopping is so tactile and I missed the old bricks and mortar shops. It feels good.
  6. Walking
    Walking and exercise in general are great mood shifters for me, but when you walk and do it without looking at your phone or with headphones on, its amazing.
  7. My cat
    She's just so pretty. And she loves me.
  8. Lauren Hill
    I started craving her voice...her music is still so relevant. It was a perfect blend of nostalgia and rediscovery.