Things that bug me.
  1. Bugs -not all bugs just the stalker,creepy ones.
  2. Cart return. If you are too lazy to return your cart then park next to the cart return. Nothing more frustrating than pulling half way into a space being blocked by the cart you were too lazy to put back. Putting two wheels up over the curb does not count as returning it either.
  3. Holding up traffic in the parking lot waiting for a space. This especially bothers me at stores like Costco and Walmart. You are going into one of the largest stores ever. The 10 steps you save will disappear when you have to go to the back corner to get the milk. Exception: crappy weather days.
  4. Tissue box on the ledge of the back seat of the car. What are you going to do? Stop the car when you sneeze and go back for a tissue?
  5. Thank you and your welcome. Pay it forward. If someone holds open the door say "thank you". If you walk in front of someone say "excuse me".
  6. The inordinate amount of cars that evidently don't come with a turn signal. Turn your signal on people. It's pretty effortless.
  7. The inordinate number of cars that can only drive in the left lane forever. MOVE OVER and get out of the way or lay least do the speed limit.
  8. Trucks in the left lane on uphill grades. So glad you are passing the other stupid truck going 45 mph up the hill at a whopping 48 mph up the hill in a 70 mph zone. Trucks should never be in the left lane.
  9. More than 25 items in the 20 item limit line. 50 cans of cat food do not count as ONE item. Going over 1 or 2 is acceptable. Anything more than that is not.