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Cuz diction makes things weird @carlyrayemac
  1. Co-ongress
    Take a break
  2. Nnouw
    = no in "no to this"
  3. "SSON!"
    Dear theodosia doesn't really need hams second verse.
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  1. Meet me in st mouis
  2. Family stone
  3. Shop around the corner
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It wasn't on the radio, but it could've been.
  1. "I forgive you" - stronger
  2. "I want you" - all I ever wanted
  3. "Alone" - stronger
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When you realize that show was about someone else all along... @carlyrayemac @lenadunham @bjnovak @mindy @baronegantt
  1. Pam Beasley, The Office
  2. Tyra Colette, FNL
  3. Claire Fisher, Six Feet Under
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Because nothing's perfect. Except la vie boheme A. @carlyrayemac
  1. "I mean what does one wear that's apropos for a party?"
  2. "You, me....Mimiiiiiiii"
  3. "Think twice before you poopoo it"
  4. "It was bad. I got mad..."
    Suggested by   @carlyrayemac
@carlyrayemac our favorite GIRL Allison @AllisonWilliams excels at interpreting otherwise standard dialogue into trademark (if niche) phrases. Thanks @lenadunham and writers for the creation of a perfect character. @girlshbo
  1. "WHAT. Is an MAU?"
  2. "Do you ever just come here with s book and a group of friends...? ....that was a lame suggestion."
  3. "He made me!"
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@carlyrayemac @mindy @lenadunham @EW
  1. League of their own
  2. The American President
  3. Pretty Woman
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Because no one balances on the edge of irony and sincerity like Connie.
  1. Google herself on an iPad
  2. Hold a pen and paper while composing
  3. React to deacon destroying things
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