I hope there isn't a set number for these lists
  1. You wait in a lot of lines
  2. While in line Alaina and I conducted a scientific study about Ice Breaker Mint Chews
  3. They are very serious about the no cell phone no photo policy
  4. I saw 2 people get in fights with audience coordinators over deleting photos off their phone.
  5. Some NBC pages think they are NBC CEOS
  6. Studio 8H kinda smells like B.O
  7. Was that Bernie Sanders or Larry David. No I seriously can't tell. Who was it
  8. Yes I cried watching them set up the 30 Rock sketch for the monologue.
  9. Tina Feys hair is bouncy and her arms are so skinny!
  10. Joe Jonas And Gigi spent half the show canoodling. It was beautiful yet heartbreaking.
  11. Joe grabbed Gigi's face and gave her a kiss and I died.
  12. Nick sat with a hat on and Kate Hudson was not there.
  13. There was a real camel. A real one. It went rouge. A crew member was freaking out. It was hilarious.
  14. Colin Jost is the most beautiful human
  15. Colin Jost hair is flawless
  16. Colin Jost smile.
  17. Colin Jost makes me feel so calm and safe and casual.
  18. Demi Lovato looks so good and genuinely happy.
  19. Nick and Joe gave her a standing O. I cried.
  20. I saw a sketch get set up and cut all in 30 seconds.
  21. Lorne Michaels is omnipresent
  22. When I saw the back of Lorne I thought it was Joe Biden.
  23. I waved to Joe Jonas for a solid 4 minutes. I choose to believe he saw me and then slid his arm around Gigi. I get it. You're in love. OKAY.
  24. SNL is a well oiled machine.
  25. There are some awkward pauses while they count down to live
  26. Michael Che came out and tried to pump us up.
  27. I'm pretty sure Michael Che was stoned.
  28. Pete Davidson gives up on life the second the clock strikes 1am.
  29. Live Tapings are great because you see it happening, Live, but also they have TVs showing what's being seen on there are NO COMMERCIALS.