1. Thinking of who Cop Simpson on Jessica Jones is.
  2. Resisting the urge to wiki it
  3. Thinking of all the dumb things I probably said today.
  4. Thinking of all the dumb things I thought about saying today.
  5. Thinking about all the dumb things I said in 6th grade that one time.
  6. Thinking about if I did anything today to annoy any of my friends into realizing they don't want to be friends with me anymore
  7. Think about how Bandit who has to go get all his teeth taken out tomorrow cause he's an old man cat.
  8. Think about how I also need to make a dentist appointment and I'm more responsible for my cats teeth and not mine.
  9. Ponder how I used to be friends with some people and now we just aren't and isn't that weird?
  10. Think of all the people I consider best friends but I'm probably just considered an acquaintance to them.
  11. Think about how Ted Mosby said nothing good happens after 2am.
  12. Nothing good happens after 2am.
  13. It's after 2am.
  14. I gotta stop thinking.