A surface that has accumulated junk since ~2012
  1. Three Bulls hats—Back-to-Back, Three-peat, FIVE TIME NBA CHAMPS
  2. A UChicago padfolio full of Northwestern brochures OOPS
  3. Intro to Macro notes (i.e. 3D boxes and passed notes)
  4. This illustration
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  5. $60 WORTH OF EINSTEIN'S GIFT CARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Discovered that $10 worth of those gift cards expired Feb 28... My heart sings for schmears forsaken
  7. Nabisco 100cal Ritz Snack Mix
  8. A lotto ticket my mom bought me for my bday 😎
  9. Two Playbills for Gloria Estefan's autobiographical Off-Broadway masterpiece ON YOUR FEET!
  10. An Eliza Thornberry doll with her pants pulled down...
  11. A pocket watergun
  12. An LED disco necklace with three flashing light settings
  13. These
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