1. Being "unremarkable" isn't such a bad thing
    Physical exam "unremarkable" = this person is perfectly alright
  2. If you wear a badge (any badge) around your neck and walk confidently, you can get away with anything
    Oh why, yes, nurse, I am meant to be scrubbing into this surgery...
  3. Everybody looks exactly the same inside. Except when they don't.
    Situs inversus is weeeiirrrdddd: http://nyti.ms/1IsLesS
  4. Doctors are super resistant to change
    Does some part of you think ulcers are caused by acidic foods? They aren't. They're caused by a bacteria. And it took two decades for American doctors to believe the Australian researchers who swallowed the bacteria themselves to prove it.
  5. "Scrubs" is the most accurate portrayal of medicine on television
    Even if the X-ray in the opening titles is (intentionally?) backwards: http://bit.ly/1Dam8P6
  6. People lie. A lot.
    It's amazing how many people can ask the same question of someone and each get totally different answers
  7. It's possible to get used to just about anything
    Anatomy lab? Watching surgeries? Not as bad as I thought