Dudes who are doing well in the literary canon and don't need any more help but I care for them a bit.
  1. Fitzgerald
    The Great Gatsby is THE THING. That last chapter is some prayer.
  2. Richard Yates
    Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, The Easter Parade, A Special Providence. Sad dads, impossible ambitions, suburban melancholy. Yates's outsized compassion.
  3. John Cheever
    You could draw a line straight from Fitzgerald to Yates to Cheever except there's more wood smoke and pools with limestone wells. The drinking stays pretty consistent.
  4. DFW
    Those fucking masterpiece essays tho. Will never admit this one aloud and I'll deny it if you ask.
  5. William Maxwell
    His consideration of everyone. So Long, See You Tomorrow makes me feel the way like the breakdown in Twista's Overnight Celebrity but extended. GET EMOTIONAL.