Inspired by @Lindi hers was the first one of these lists I read so here's my shot at it
  1. My name is Matt I'm 48 and I have lived in Minneapolis for 20+ years...
    Originally from Georgia
  2. I had never even heard of this app until I saw BJ Novak on 'The Daily Show'
    I downloaded it immediately and love it...
  3. I love, love music from the 80's and listen to it more often than not
    Duh, I grew up during the 80's
  4. Im a good cook...
    Pasta dishes are my favs
  5. Im new to this site so hopefully my listing ability and originality will get better
  6. I just read this list back to myself and almost thought if this was someone else's list I would have stopped reading after about three bullet points...🙂