At least as far as my TV viewing is concerned in no particular order really
  1. AMC
    Any channel with the Walking Dead & Mad Men is going to be on this list
  2. Viceland
    A new and quirky network with great shows like 'Balls Deep', 'Gaycation' & 'States of Undress' of my favorites right now
  3. Comedy Central
    A constant stop as I rifle through the channels....'Daily Show' is a staple although not as good as it was, Trevor needs to work on his interview skills. Was even better in the days of MST3K & Chapelle's Show
  4. Cooking Channel
    I love to cook so I love to watch shows about food and cooking and I like this channel better than the Food Network
  5. CW
    Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie....they have a good lineup of quirky shows
  6. HBO
    For the mere fact they have Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver...his show is worth the price of carrying HBO alone
  7. SyFy Network
    Come on...I can watch low budget sci-fi all day long...and Sharknado....get out of here