As requested by Mr Alex Cantrell
  1. Quilmes
    Technically beer, quenches thirst like nothing else
  2. Wax napkins
    Useless when trying to clean up after ice cream or greasy pizza, but perfect for jotting down a note or sketch
  3. Sube/public transit
    Cheap, extensive, but wholly unbound by any logical framework of scheduling
  4. Inattentive wait staff
    I just want to pay for my 20 peso coffee damn it!
  5. Fernet
    No explanation necessary
  6. Clubs opening at 2am
  7. Street names
    Me trying to say Thames: TEMS...THAYmes... Erm, THAM-is.... Tey... Ache...Ah...Ehme...Eh...Ese
  8. Every restaurant having the same menu
    Sometimes there's nothing better than milanesa and fritas
  9. Every fourth or fifth day being a holiday
  10. Loving the fact that I can love/hate a place so much