I'm realizing that 2015 was filled with people who love me relentlessly, and for that I'm forever thankful. (Sorry that this realization also means relentless cliches)
  1. January
    Rang in the new year with some guys who were by my side all 4 years of college
  2. February
    Went to my last sorority formal. Even though sororities kind of suck I learned a lot and made some of my greatest friends
  3. March
    Had my last ever dance show 😢 Dance is something that's kept me sane for the last 14 years of my life
  4. April
    Went to a Predators game with @miranda after a rough day. I had broken up with my boyfriend a few days before and then my car broke down and the friend I was with left me to wait for the tow truck alone so she could go hang out with her boyfriend. Miranda and @joetro22 came to wait with me and bought me chocolate covered pretzels from a fancy chocolate shop across the street. It's one of the truest acts of friendship I've ever experienced ❤️
  5. May
    I graduated from college!
  6. June
    I spent two months living in Hoboken, NJ this summer and fell in love with New York City. And the friends that came to visit me while I was there
  7. July
    Found out that years can pass and true friendships will be just as meaningful and fulfilling as ever
  8. August
    The first family picture my family has taken in years!
  9. September
    Spontaneously drove to Knoxville to comfort my friend during a break up because he had unwaveringly been there for me for all of mine
  10. October
    Went to the beach with the two best guys on the whole planet. Seriously, y'all, their friendship completes me
  11. November
    Went to my grad school Friendsgiving dinner and realized how much I truly love and appreciate these people
  12. December
    Spent 3 days in a cabin in Bumfuck, NH with my cousins and never wanted to kill any of the 11 people with whom I was sharing a bathroom. Proof that family ties are strong