1. Intrigued
    When I first saw his profile
  2. Pleased
    When I swiped right and it was a match
  3. Happy
    When the first message he sent me did not include the word "tits"
  4. Tickled
    When he asked me for my number
  5. Exhilarated
    When he asked to take me out on a date
  6. Concerned
    When the first thing he asked me after I accepted the date was "Do all women on tinder think guys are axe murderers?"
  7. Uneasy
    When his murderer question turned into a feminist rant
  8. Adventurous
    When I decided to go on the date anyway
  9. Anxious
    When I watched Law and Order: SVU right before I went on a date with a guy I met on the internet
  10. Like I shouldn't have worn heels
    When I showed up and he was 5'6"
  11. Surprised
    When his voice was at least an octave higher than mine
  12. Perplexed
    When he told me his boss calls him Poopsie
  13. Uneasy
    When he told me he thinks prostitution should be legal "besides the whole misogyny thing"
  14. Alarmed
    When he said "Hitler wasn't so bad" (I think it was a joke, but still)
  15. Confused
    When he found out he has similar interests as my brother and asked for my brother's number
  16. Suspicious
    When he made a joke about how he's not gay
  17. Alarmed (again)
    When he said "Nazi Hunter" would be a cool job
  18. Relieved
    When the date was over