Purposely not revealing how old I was when I stopped believing said things
  1. That I could be the first woman president 2 days a week, a pop star 2 days a week, and a stay at home mom the remaining 3
  2. That trading a holographic Megachamp Pokemon card for a Bulbasaur card was a good deal
  3. That the average house costs $400, not $400,000
  4. That white cows are full of milk, black cows are empty, and spotted cows are in the process of making milk
  5. That if you turn the light on and off really fast the fire alarm will go off because it will register the light changes as flames
  6. That everyone waits until they're married to have sex
  7. That I am a witch because I was born in Salem, MA
  8. That you only need to poop once a week
  9. That girls crouch down near the pedals when they give road head
  10. That girls give road head (Is this true? Still not sure)