Don't get me wrong, this is my favorite show. @joetro22 makes fun of me because any time he asks what I'm doing what I'm doing is watching SVU. BUT that doesn't mean it's without flaws
  1. They never take public transportation
    They're in New York City! Like I know they're cops and all but sometimes it would just be way faster for them to take the subway
  2. Whenever they suspect someone is in trouble but the don't have a search warrant, the door is conveniently left open
    It's taken them the whole episode to catch this guy. There's no way his only mistake was forgetting to close the door behind him when he went in to murder his last victim.
  3. They always kick open locked doors
    When they show a scared woman locking her door there are like 6 different locks, but when they're breaking in somewhere all it takes is one kick? Really?
  4. They're always dressed up
    Even if it's a hostage situation and they know what they're getting in to. There's a whole SWAT team in vests and helmets and Stabler is wearing a tie!
  5. They never *really* get in trouble for police brutality
    Every once and a while someone gets about 5 minutes of "desk duty" but that's nothing considering the number of times one of them throws a perp against the wall.