Instruments I Want To Learn How To Play...because my idols learned and mastered them....

  1. MPC Renaissance
    Madlib, Pete Rock, Dilla, etc...while they used the MPC 2000xl, 3000, and 4000, I wanna master this one here
  2. Upward Bass
    Pino Palladino....not sure of he played it, but it's still something I want to learn
  3. Fender Rhodes
    Every damn soul & R&B album in the 70's had this in them....and for good reason!
  4. Hollowbody Electric Guitar
    Name an artist who hasn't blessed one of these
  5. Double Bass Drums
    because Keith Fucking Moon....that's why!
  6. DJ Set
    I use to DJ with my uncle a few years back, and I want to start up again and actually master it
  7. Acoustic Guitar
    Every good folk hero had one
  8. Violin
    Almost bought one off an ex girlfriend for $20, and I should have
  9. Piano
    Self explanatory
  10. Trumpet
    It made the cut because I still kick myself in the ass for not sticking to training back in junior high.....