Ten Albums That Changed My World

the list is in no particular order, but the first one matters the most to me....
  1. Illmatic
    The album that solidified my love with Hip Hop
  2. Beats, Rhymes, & Life
    Mid 90's, my favorite rap era, and my first introduction to Dilla....
  3. Yellow House
    My first intro to Grizzly Bear
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar
    Proof that Broadway and Religion can be funky, and not Godspell corny...
  5. Return To Cookie Mountain
    If TV On The Radio had to drop the mic on just one album....this is the one!
  6. Question In The Form of An Answer
    I was just about done with Hip Hop....when I came across this classic album at Best Buy...well...more like walk past it four times till curiosity made me pick in up....Thank you, People Under The Stairs!
  7. Fantastic, Vol. 2
    This. Fucking. Album. Right. Here!!!!! Second time hearing Dilla behind the scenes, and my first time hearing him on the mic. Fall In Love is still my all time favorite track!
  8. Good God's Urge
    I still thank my mom for turning me onto Porno For Pyros....
  9. Kid A
    The album that made me take Radiohead seriously
  10. Aja
    The album my mom not only played the fuck out of, but is also how my sister got her name...